Successes from Last Week

Good news

from Jen Hofmann's What To Do This Week Checklist

Whew! You made it. We’ve had lots of great successes this past week, so let’s revel for a few moments.

Messages to senators about supporting ACA are getting through (source).

3.3M acres of public land will not be sold off--thanks to citizen input (source).

Boycotts convinced Uber CEO to step down from djt’s council (source).

Obama’s protections for LGBT federal workers will stand (source), and Republicans from FL and PA praised the decision (source).

US-based corporations publicly opposed anti-Muslim executive order (source).

House Oversight Committee may investigate djt’s conflicts of interest (source).

Senate Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism released bi-partisan statement on plans to investiga Russian election interference (source).

Two GOP senators state they’ll vote no on Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary (source).

Boy Scouts opens participation to transgender boys (source).

City of Seattle votes to divest from Wells Fargo to protest DAPL (source).

Baby Fatemah gets to enter the US for heart surgery (see how cute she is!) (source).