Andrew Puzder has withdrawn as nominee for Labor Secretary

From Our Revolution:

Donald Trump’s hand has been forced and it’s all because of progressives like you: Andrew Puzder has withdrawn as nominee for Labor Secretary. This is huge: Puzder's withdrawal is a victory for working Americans.

Our Revolution has been on the front lines of the opposition to Puzder's nomination, joining with progressives across the country to flood Capitol Hill with calls and messages urging the U.S. Senate to reject Puzder. Within 24 hours, tens of thousands signed our petition opposing the nomination of Andrew Puzder -- and Congress heard us.


Our Revolution will continue our fight to protect jobs and America’s workers. We demand a Secretary of Labor who will support a healthy and safe workplace, a living wage, and equity at work. We will demand no less.

In the coming weeks, the Senate will be voting on cabinet picks who would be a disaster for America’s families and the environment. Our next target, Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, is in the pocket of corporations who have been fined for breaking environmental protection laws hundreds of times.

Wall Street is poised to take over Washington like never before. It is up to you to fight for placing American people ahead of corporate profits.