Cannon Valley Indivisible Shakes Things UP

Those of us in MN District 2 are lucky to have Cannon Valley Indivisible putting pressure on Jason Lewis. Information from their most recent email:

Hello, Cannon Valley Indivisible!

Since our last general email to you all, we've been busy with our successful town hall, ongoing visits to Rep. Lewis, and organizing our communication process (notice that we've moved to using MailChimp for security purposes).  

For those of you who are new subscribers, a word about who we are.  We focus on convincing members of Congress to resist the Trump agenda.  We are based in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District (MN CD-02), which is represented by Jason Lewis.  We're glad to have you join in our efforts to inform Lewis about how to represent us, his constituents.

Now, for the latest news and tools:

  1. Videos from our Town Hall!  Thanks to all of you who came out for the Town Hall in Northfield. Jason Lewis declined to come along, so we video-taped all of the thoughtful questions at our peaceful, songful assembly (read about it in the Northfield News).  We're posting question clips one by one on our new YouTube channel. Contact us if you want to help with editing.
  2. Visits to Rep. Lewis's Burnsville office continue.  Keep track of planned visits via our Facebook page. Organize one yourself via our online system (get the link by writing to  Take pictures or video when you're there, and then share them with us via so we can tell your civic story).  

    Next visit: Leave from Friends Meeting House on Monday, March 6 at 9:00 am. Angelique leads.
  3. What is Jason Lewis doing?  Not representing us, as he supports every single initiative in the Trump agenda.  FiveThirtyEight reports every one of his votes and shows how out of line Lewis is with his own district's predicted Trump-support level. Write, call and visit to challenge him to do better. 
  4. Friends who want to join in?  Send them this link and they can sign up for email on their own.

Our next meeting will take place Tuesday, March 14, 7:30-8:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of the FIrst UCC church, 300 Union St., Northfield.  We will prepare for our next town hall (plans underway for April 10 or 17, stay tuned!) and continue to build our working groups.  

In unity,
Kathy & Louis

Some Tongue-in-Cheek Humor (Also, mostly true)

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but it looks like Trump is actually making America great again. Just look at the progress made since the election:
1. Unprecedented levels of ongoing civic engagement.
2. Millions of Americans now know who their state and federal representatives are without having to google.
3. Millions of Americans are exercising more. They're holding signs and marching every week.
4. Alec Baldwin is great again. Everyone's forgotten he's kind of a jerk.
5. The Postal Service is enjoying the influx cash due to stamps purchased by millions of people for letter and postcard campaigns.
6. Likewise, the pharmaceutical industry is enjoying record growth in sales of anti-depressants.
7. Millions of Americans now know how to call their elected officials and know exactly what to say to be effective.
8. Footage of town hall meetings is now entertaining.
9. Tens of millions of people are now correctly spelling words like emoluments, narcissist, fascist, misogynist, holocaust and cognitive dissonance.
10. Everyone knows more about the rise of Hitler than they did last year.
11. Everyone knows more about legislation, branches of power and how checks and balances work.
12. Marginalized groups are experiencing a surge in white allies.
13. White people in record numbers have just learned that racism is not dead. (See #6)
14. White people in record numbers also finally understand that Obamacare IS the Affordable Care Act.
15. Stephen Colbert's "Late Night" finally gained the elusive #1 spot in late night talk shows, and Seth Meyers is finding his footing as today's Jon Stewart.
16. "Mike Pence" has donated millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood since Nov. 9th.
17. Melissa FREAKING McCarthy.
18. Travel ban protesters put $24 million into ACLU coffers in just 48 hours, enabling them to hire 200 more attorneys. Lawyers are now heroes.
19. As people seek veracity in their news sources, respected news outlets are happily reporting a substantial increase in subscriptions, a boon to a struggling industry vital to our democracy.
20. Live streaming court cases and congressional sessions are now as popular as the Kardashians.
21. Massive cleanup of facebook friend lists.
22. People are reading classic literature again. Sales of George Orwell's "1984" increased by 10,000% after the inauguration. (Yes, that is true. 10,000%. 9th grade Lit teachers all over the country are now rock stars.)
23. More than ever before, Americans are aware that education is important. Like, super important.
24. Now, more than anytime in history, everyone believes that anyone can be President. Seriously, anyone." - Susan Keller
I have stolen this. Right on. Copy and paste to share!!

Andrew Puzder has withdrawn as nominee for Labor Secretary

From Our Revolution:

Donald Trump’s hand has been forced and it’s all because of progressives like you: Andrew Puzder has withdrawn as nominee for Labor Secretary. This is huge: Puzder's withdrawal is a victory for working Americans.

Our Revolution has been on the front lines of the opposition to Puzder's nomination, joining with progressives across the country to flood Capitol Hill with calls and messages urging the U.S. Senate to reject Puzder. Within 24 hours, tens of thousands signed our petition opposing the nomination of Andrew Puzder -- and Congress heard us.


Our Revolution will continue our fight to protect jobs and America’s workers. We demand a Secretary of Labor who will support a healthy and safe workplace, a living wage, and equity at work. We will demand no less.

In the coming weeks, the Senate will be voting on cabinet picks who would be a disaster for America’s families and the environment. Our next target, Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, is in the pocket of corporations who have been fined for breaking environmental protection laws hundreds of times.

Wall Street is poised to take over Washington like never before. It is up to you to fight for placing American people ahead of corporate profits.

Perspective from CREDO

Betsy DeVos was confirmed as secretary of education today by a 51—50 vote.

We may have lost today’s battle, but our resistance has the momentum.

CREDO members played a massive and leading role in forcing DeVos’ confirmation vote to a nail-biting tie. More than 1.5 million people joined you in signing petitions. We made over 100,000 calls to the Senate. We did local petition delivery events in Portland, Maine and Anchorage, Alaska that increased pressure on Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to vote no on DeVos. In Portland, Oregon, we rallied with Sen. Jeff Merkley and hundreds of people committed to keeping our public schools out of DeVos’ hands.

Today, 50 Republican Senators chose Trump’s fascist agenda and partisan politics over the education of America’s children

Our graphic that names and shames them is going viral on Facebook. You can keep the momentum going by sharing the graphic on Facebook here or by clicking on the image below.

If you are on Twitter, you can share and retweet the graphic here.

You can also like the graphic on Instagram here.

CREDO members did not just force DeVos’ confirmation vote to a tie that Mike Pence had to break. Our massive campaign on multiple fronts helped to throw a wrench in Senate Republicans' plan to push through Trump’s swamp cabinet as quickly as possible without thorough vetting, deliberation and review.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had to move the confirmation vote for attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions so Sessions could cast a vote for DeVos. McConnell and his Republican leadership team have repeatedly had to postpone votes on “Foreclosure King” Steve Mnuchin for secretary of treasury and “Medicare Killer” Tom Price for secretary of health and human services in the face of our fierce resistance. They have also indefinitely delayed hearings for anti-worker Andy Puzder, Trump’s nominee for secretary of labor.

In just the first few weeks of Trump’s dangerous administration, CREDO activists have forcefully stood up to his hateful agenda and bigoted cabinet. Our activism did not just overwhelm Senate offices across the country; the media took notice too. CREDO members' opposition to Betsy DeVos was cited by NPR, The Washington Post, Vox, Mother Jones and Huffington Post — among other outlets — in stories about her confirmation.1,2,3,4,5

We are grateful for all you have done so far and for your participation in all we will keep doing to resist Trump’s racism and xenophobia and to defend our democracy from fascism.

Thank you,

Heidi Hess, Senior Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets


  1. Kristina Rizga, "The Senate Just Confirmed Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. Every Single Democrat Voted Against Her." Mother Jones, Feb. 7, 2017.
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Successes from Last Week

Good news

from Jen Hofmann's What To Do This Week Checklist

Whew! You made it. We’ve had lots of great successes this past week, so let’s revel for a few moments.

Messages to senators about supporting ACA are getting through (source).

3.3M acres of public land will not be sold off--thanks to citizen input (source).

Boycotts convinced Uber CEO to step down from djt’s council (source).

Obama’s protections for LGBT federal workers will stand (source), and Republicans from FL and PA praised the decision (source).

US-based corporations publicly opposed anti-Muslim executive order (source).

House Oversight Committee may investigate djt’s conflicts of interest (source).

Senate Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism released bi-partisan statement on plans to investiga Russian election interference (source).

Two GOP senators state they’ll vote no on Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary (source).

Boy Scouts opens participation to transgender boys (source).

City of Seattle votes to divest from Wells Fargo to protest DAPL (source).

Baby Fatemah gets to enter the US for heart surgery (see how cute she is!) (source).

Minnesota Legislative District 2

More from Cannon Valley Indivisible!

More than thirty Northfielders have visited Jason Lewis's Burnsville office in the last two weeks. After a visit by a St. Olaf student Thursday, during which the student told his story about fleeing Iraq with his family, Jason Lewis CALLED the student to thank him for his engagement and to convey his support for refugees (while still insisting on the need to "protect our borders." Ugh.). Still, it shows that the indivisible strategy is making an impact.

Federal End of January

For everyone who DID something, small or big, your efforts have been successful.

Because of you:
1. Federal hiring freeze is reversed for VA (Veteran Affairs).
2. Court order Partial stay of the immigration ban for those with valid visas.
3. Green card holders can get back in country.
4. Uber pledges $3M and immigration lawyers for its drivers after #DeleteUber trends on Twitter.
5. Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) enrollment ads are still going to air.
6. The ACLU raised 24M over the weekend (normally 3-4Mil/year).
7. HHS, EPA, USDA gag order lifted.
8. EPA climate data no longer scrubbed from website.
9. More people of different career/religious/economic/race backgrounds are considering running for political office than ever before.
10. MOST importantly, since we live in a participatory democracy, the people are engaged.

While more is needed, sometimes you have to celebrate your wins. Stay vigilant, but also take self care seriously. Activist burnout is a thing. Marathon, don't sprint.