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Meeting of the Coalition on Immigration

  • Emmaus Church Northfield, MN 55057 (map)

From an email:

I am attaching the list of groups and what they shared during their participation at the meeting on Friday April 7th 2017.

Our next meeting of the coalition is next Monday April 24th at 6 pm at the Emmaus church.

If you know of other people or groups that couldn´t come to the first meeting and wish to participate please invite them!

Mar Valdecantos with Marlene Rojas, Lucy González Mirón and Taide Rodriguez Marcial

Rice County Vecinos Unidos/Neighbors United, Northfield and El Super Barrio Latino

Attachment Content:

Notes about the groups that participated in the Great Coalition meeting on Friday April 7th 2017 at 5:30 pm, Emmaus Church Northfield.

Presenter, Mariano Espinoza. Event sponsored by El Súper Barrio Latino and Rice County Neighbors United, Northfield.


David Bly, representative of the Northfield district


-People can contact him about anything related to the government, Rice County.

-Supports and signed the bill of driving licenses.

-He also worked with Mariano Espinoza and others and was a co-sponsor of the Dream Act so children of immigrants had access to education.


Daniela Kohen


-Part of a group of support created by residents that are citizens

-Still in the process of being created: They are working on organizing a network of people volunteer to drive people without driving license.

-Still in the process of being created: Organize a fund of donated money to help people on immigration matters. –Already made: An alert message system to warn the community when immigration services are in Northfield. People will get a message with the alert.


Marie Grey


-Over 15 years in the community.

-UCC member.

-The UCC church has an apartment available and people who wants to help.

-UCC is a sanctuary church.

-At 5pm she and Regi were going to be at the apartment in case people wanted to see it.


Julie Ryan


-Represents MELT (Make Every Life Thrive)

-She gave an example of how to interact with sharing cards with a message to initiate conversation and share.

-The group meets at Culver´s meeting room every month.


Carol and Dottie


-They are members of the Bethel Church/members of ISAIAH/ and the Indivisible Group

-They participated in several of the meetings prior to the coalition one.

-They announced the Indivisible meeting on Tuesday April 18th, St. John´s Lutheran Church at 7:30.


Father Denny Dempsey


-St. Dominic church.

-All the churches are ready to help in case of an emergency.

-There is a room available in his house in case of an emergency.

-If you want a list of people available to offer a secure place contact:

 UCC and St. Dominic´s churches.

-He can help finance bail ($7.500)


Susan Moreno


-She is part of a network of neighbors offering their houses as sanctuary.

-They have at least 4 homes.

-They are putting together two teams of quick response and they are working on more.



Heather Lawrenz


-She is part of the administrator of the Northfield Arts Guild.

-They came to offer their help.

-Heather came to learn more about what it´s been done and what is left to be done.


Corinne Smith


-Northfield Commission of Human Rights: Responds to any unfairness in the community.

-The commission meets every second Thursday of every month at 7 pm.

-Educate the community about diversity and create connections.

-It is present after the Spanish mass in Spanish every Sunday to collect the complaints.


Kathryn Lozada


-Co-coordinator of the community school with Laura Berdahl.

-They offer academic resources and other programs.

-They create connections within the community.

-Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 - 8:00 pm.

-Space available to meet with lawyers, teachers, etc...


Carolyn Fure-Slocum


-ISAIAH leader.

-They have worked on immigration related issues

         Examples: Driving licenses, sanctuary cities, help churches to train them on becoming sanctuary churches.

-Help lobby for this.

-Summer program with Carleton students to help fill documents to build their immigration case by going door to door.


Diana Montero and Helen Forsythe


-From the group YPAC (Youth Group who helps with social justice)

-They are here to help.


Cecilia Cornejo


-Professor of media studies at Carleton College (non fiction film maker)

-Working on a project in documenting the Latino community, especially the Mexican community.

-During next summer she will travel to the hometown of the Northfield Latino community with Father Denny Dempsey and students to the cities in Veracruz of Maltrata and Orizaba.


Kassa and Clara


-Carleton College students.

-They are interested that “white people” talk more about what “people of color” have to suffer.


Mar Valdecantos


-Project to create a book with the stories of people in the Latino community to have it be a part of the Northfield History.

-It is a project lead by the Northfield Human Rights Commission, the City of Northfield, Carleton students and professors and the Northfield Historical Society.


Ben Casper


-Summer program at Carleton with 2 native Spanish speaking students, 3 total.

-They will work family to family need based to build their immigration cases.

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