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March in Faribault to Support Somali Residents

March planned in Faribault this Saturday, Feb 4th at 1pm in support of the Somali community. It will be at the Rice County Courthouse(118 3rd St NW).

Additional Information:

The peaceful gathering/demonstration will be in Faribault at the Rice County Courthouse (118 3rd St NW) this Saturday, Feb 4th at 1 pm. As I understand it, the purpose is to show support for refugees and immigrants in our community, including all those affected or potentially affected by the current administration's "travel ban.” It is being organized by locals, and the word is being spread through individual emails, etc.

Those choosing to participate should be aware that there might possibly be a "counter gathering". As reported in the Star Tribune today, Faribault is struggling with the fast pace of change within the town.

Northfield United in Love asks that any Northfielders who attend please be respectful of the Faribault organizers and follow their lead. <3