Urgent: Call Gov Dayton to tell him to Veto the preemption bill

Call Governor Dayton and ask him to veto the Preemption Bill.

Details from SURJ MN:

On Thursday, the Minnesota Senate passed the so-called "preemption bill" (HF 600/SF 580) that mandates uniform labor standards (such as minimum wages, sick time, and scheduling laws) across the state and would revoke the earned sick and safe time ordinances that are set to take effect in Minneapolis and St. Paul this summer. Governor Dayton has not committed to veto this bill.

He needs to hear from us. Please call him at 651-201-3400 and tell him to veto the preemption bill.

Here's a sample script for your call:

"Hi, I'm _____. I live in ______ and I'm calling to let Governor Dayton know that I want him to veto the local preemption bill! I oppose it because (use anything you like, or add your own!):

The passage of the preemption bill would revoke hard-fought gains and continue the disproportionate oppression of low-wage workers, many of whom are people of color.

We know that this bill aims to silence the voices of people who have worked to pass these ordinances, many of whom are people of color. It tells these workers and organizers that their voices within their local governments are less important than the voices of the Chamber of Commerce and big business interests around the state.

We refuse to accept uniform labor standards that are uniformly bad. The state laws do not protect workers in Minneapolis and St Paul — that's why they organized to improve the standards. If you want uniform laws, make them all better, not all worse.

When the state refuses to act to improve the lives of working Minnesotans, local governments must act, and they must have the right to set higher standards for their communities. Minimum wage and paid sick and safe have been taken up at the local level, because the community has expressed a need but the state level has not taken up our concerns.

This is a HIGHLY unusual use of preemption, preventing local solutions and suppressing the voices of individuals and communities in our democratic process."

Thank you for showing up by calling Gov. Dayton today!

In Solidarity,

SURJ MN Legislative Action working group