Donations Needed to Support Native Americans

From SURJ's newsletter:

- Sunday 5/7 is the May Day Parade and Festival in Minneapolis, and we've copied below an email from Dorothea Hrossowyc about fundraising needs for a contingent in the parade. Please donate if you can!


SURJ Core Team

Graci Horne who, who spoke about Standing Rock in Northfield last fall,  is helping plan the May Day Festival in Minneapolis this year, May 7.  She tells us that this year will have the largest contingent of Native American people marching at May Day than ever before.  If you have never been, the May Day festival organized by Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater is amazing with the parade going right down Bloomington Ave. through the highly Native American neighborhood of Minneapolis, and the ceremony welcoming the sun is at Powderhorn Park, with lots of great food, bands, social action booths, and an amazing ceremony across the lake and on the lakeshore, with the huge Heart of the Beast puppets.  The theme this year is Water is Life, and there will be a lot of references to Standing Rock, and the support of clean water.  I really encourage everyone to go, and this is a don't miss year!  


AND...Nobel Prize nominee and mediator for Standing Rock, (also for the Occupy movement, and many refugee camps) Stephanie Hope Smith is helping to organize a horseback ride in the parade.  The horses and riders will come from the Sisseton Reservation, (near Standing Rock), will likely be led by Keeper of the Pipe,  Arvol Lookinghorse, and will represent the "Spirit Riders" who were at Standing Rock.  They are riding in remembrance of the Spirit Rider horses who were shot with rubber bullets and badly wounded by the militarized police at Standing Rock, and then impounded with little food or water until Arvol got them released.  So the ride is to honor and thank those 4 legged friends who sacrificed and suffered in protest of the Black Snake pipeline. 


$600 is needed to support this ride happening at Mayday this year.  Please consider making a contribution to help this ride happen.  Funds will go for gas to transport horses and riders, to feed and house them while they are here. If you can, send donations asap, by May 3rd, to Paula Horne, 44516 Sacred Hills Circle, Veblen,  SD, 57270   ( Paula is Arvol Lookinghorse's partner.)