Watch Your Reps MN

From their email:

This post contains a “Top Hits” list. These are the bills that have hearings scheduled or are going to the house or senate floor for a vote.

Once you are done with the “Top Hits” you may want to peruse the full list of bills to support and oppose.

You can find the full text of bills by going to, selecting Bills, then searching the House and Senate bills by the listed bill number. You can find your representative and senator at the Minnesota Legislature District Finder.

So, without further ado, this is what you should be talking to your legislators about this week.

What to do:
For each alert check the member list. If your representative is on the list, please reach out to them. If not, reach out to the chair. If your rep is one of the authors, reach out to them and let them know how you feel about their bill (good or bad). If the status of a bill says it’s going to the house/senate for a vote call your representative/senator. You don’t need to go into detail, you can simply state that you oppose / support the bill.

Passed Both Chambers of Congress

HF5/SF720 has passed both the house and the senate. Will likely go to a conference committee before going to the governor, but start calling him now. This bill creates a state reinsurance program (this is where you basically insure the insurance companies to create a larger risk pool). The concept is novel for trying to stabilize an insurance market, so there is limited data on effectiveness and the current bill takes the money for this from MinnesotaCare to the tune of about $600 million

Votes in the House

The following bills have cleared committee and, while they have not been schedule for a full vote yet, they could be voted on at any time. Please call your district representative.
HF390 – Another anti-protestor bill. This one would increase penalties for obstructing traffic/transit to a misdemeanor with up to 3 years in prison.

HF1066 – Anti-protestor bill. Increase penalties for obstructing a road. These bills are specifically targeted against protests that use civil disobedience techniques

HF2058 – Makes it more expensive to build light-rail systems by removing eminent domain exceptions just for light-rail (not for any other types of transportation)

Votes in the Senate

The following bills have cleared committee and, while they have not been schedule for a full vote yet, they could be voted on at any time. In the Senate, a bill can be put on a “special order” list and voted on with almost no notice so please do not wait for a scheduled vote. Call your district senator.
SF580 – Anti-worker law that would prevent cities and localities from setting their own min wage, family leave policies, etc. This will undo the recent min wage increase approved in Minneapolis.
SF676 - Anti-protestor bill. This one would increase penalties for obstructing traffic/transit to a misdemeanor with up to 3 years in prison.
SF702 – Anti-abortion bill. This one would stop state-sponsored health programs from covering an abortion even if it is medically necessary (there’s no exceptions for health of the mother, health of the fetus, rape, or incest).
SF445 – Crisis response, conflict management, and diversity training required for all police officers

Hearings on Monday, March 20


HF1151 - Eliminates the "certificate of need" requirement to build oil and gas pipelines
Hearing Time: 10:00 am
Committee: Job Growth and Energy Affordability Policy and Finance
Chair: Pat Garofalo
Jim Newberger, Karen Clark, Tim Mahoney, Jean Wagenius, Paul Anderson, Cal Bahr, Dave Baker, Jim Davnie, Dan Fabian, Jeff Howe, Sandy Layman, Erin Maye Quade, Jason Metsa, Rena Moran, Anne Neu, Marion O’Neill, Jason Rarick, Peggy Scott, Mike Sundin, Paul Thissen, Bob Vogel, Nolan West
HF2412 – Removes the authority of cities to create special service districts (which are paid for by the businesses in those districts). Special services authorized in some city ordinances have included street and sidewalk cleaning, snow and ice removal, lighting, signage, parking, parking enforcement, marketing and promotion, landscaping, and security.  They may also include capital improvements authorized in the special assessment statute.
Hearing Time: 10:00 am
Committee: Property Tax and Local Government Finance Division
Chair: Steve Drazkowski
Jerry Hertaus, Diane Loeffler, Paul Anderson, Regina Barr, Andrew Carlson, Sondra Erickson, Keith Franke, Ben Lien, Bob Loonan, Paul Marquart, Michael Nelson, Anne Neu, Jason Rarick, Abigail Whelan, Cheryl Youakim

Hearings on Tuesday, March 21

SF256 – Scholarship program that uses public funds for charter schools
Hearing Time: 8:30 am
Committee: Taxes
Chair: Roger Chamberlain
David Senjem, Ann Rest, Paul Anderson, Melisa Franzen, Eric Pratt, Thomas Bakk, Paul Gazelka, Kari Dziedzic, Jeremy Miller
HF1433 – Allows legislators to block regulatory rules for vague reasons like "unduly burdensome" or because a rule is stricter than the federal one
Hearing Time: 10:15 am
Committee: Government Operations and Elections Policy
Chair: Tim O’Driscoll
Cindy Pugh, Michael Nelson, Matt Bliss, Kelly Fenton, Mike Freiberg, Laurie Halverson, Randy Jessup, Fue Lee, Sandra Masin, Jim Nash, Roz Peterson, Duane Quam, Julie Sandstede, Chris Swedzinski, Tama Theis, Nolan West, Cheryl Youakim

Hearings on Wednesday, March 22


HF10 – Transfers MNSure to federal marketplace. Since it likely the federal markeplace will be ended by the GOP this is a way to end MNSure without having to be on the record as voting to end it
Hearing Time: 1:00 pm
Committee: Health and Human Services Finance
Chair: Matt Dean
Tony Albright, Erin Murphy, Susan Allen, Jeff Backer, John Considine, Peter Fischer, Mary Franson, Glenn Gruenhagen, Barb Haley, Laurie Halverson, Rod Hamilton, Josh Heintzeman, Brian Johnson, Tina Liebline, Diane Loeffler, Kathy Lomer, Bob Loonan, Nels Pierson, Dave Pinto, Joe Schomacker, Jennifer Schultz, Nick Zerwas

Hearings on Thursday and Friday

No priority bills have been schedule yet for Thursday or Friday, but agendas are changing frequently right now so I’ll keep an eye out and send an update as needed.