Fill Our Jason Lewis's Health Care Survey

What Do We Want? Single-payer health care! When do we want it? NOW!.

From Jason Lewis's Email:
Please take my health care survey

Dear Friend,

I’ve been hearing from my constituents that many of you have concerns about your family’s health care. It’s my goal to provide a system of health care that works for you and your family, with universal access and the quality care you need at prices you can afford. 

As we saw recently in Minnesota, we are in a health care crisis. The State legislature just passed emergency legislation to bring premium support to the hard-hit taxpayers of the 2nd district and across the state. Something has to be done, and I will work in Congress to address this problem. 


If you take just a few minutes from your busy day, you can answer two questions that will help me represent you better. What’s the fundamental health care challenge for you and your family? What do you feel is the biggest part of a solution? 

I look forward to seeing your thoughts and continue to work hard on your behalf. Click HERE to fill out my short survey. 

Please reach out to my team if we can ever be of assistance. The number to call is 888-216-4934. My website, will help you share your thoughts, request a meeting, or sign up for a tour of the U.S. Capitol. You can also follow my Twitter account or my Facebook page for updates.  


Jason Lewis
Member of Congress