Visit Rep Jason Lewis w/ Cannon Valley Indivisible

From their newsletter:

It's working!
Thanks to your calls and visits, Jason Lewis has started softening his tone on repealing the ACA. (Now it's "repeal and repair" or "repeal or fix." Hmph.) And we're just getting started.

We need to keep up the local pressure on Lewis's staffers, who are clearly rattled by our unexpected attention. To that end, we have two upcoming visits, and we're asking those who have already been to the district office (over 30 of us) to start a visit tree: we hope each person who visits will lead a new group of visitors who will then lead their own visits, and so on. Please email us if you'd like to lead a small group to Burnsville in the next few weeks!


Here are the next two visits:

Today, Friday, leaving Friends Meeting House at 1 pm

Monday, Feb. 6, leaving Friends Meeting House at 8:30 am

We're working on streamlining the coordination of visits and will be in touch about that effort soon.

Finally, here's a call to action that requires a quick phone call TODAY to State Senator Rich Draheim's office:


There is a bill (SF580) working its way through the Minnesota Senate that is part of a national campaign by the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council to "preempt" cities and counties from passing their own standards on issues such as workers rights, gun control, environmental regulations and a host of other issues. This particular bill in Minnesota is aimed at worker's rights and would immediately and completely undo the recent sick leave legislation passed in Minneapolis and St Paul. It would also prohibit any city or town from passing similar local measures to mandate paid sick or family leave, increase the minimum wage or even mandate safety standards at a local level.

We in Northfield (and other district 20 residents) have a unique opportunity to stop this "Pre-emption" bill because our new local state senator Rich Draheim is on the senate committee that is reviewing and voting on this bill this Monday Feb 6th. We've heard from the ISAIAH folks in St Paul that Sen. Draheim has received very few calls so far this session while so much attention is focused on the national level. They're very hopeful that his getting a large number of calls from his constituents on this issue could very well sway his vote on Monday.

Capital Office: (651) 296-5558
Legislative Assistant Darren Handy: (651) 296-1279

Thank you for everything you're doing! Look for another email from us early next week with information about more visits to Lewis's office and an agenda for our next meeting, Monday, February 13th, 7:30-8:30 pm at the Friends Meeting House, 512 Washington St., Northfield.