CALL State Senator to Block Bad Bill

If you're feeling discouraged, please hear this: We have a real chance TODAY to stop some very bad legislation that a powerful corporate interest group (ALEC) is trying to get passed in Minnesota.
We have a unique opportunity to stop this bill because our new local state senator Rich Draheim is on the senate committee that is reviewing and voting on this bill THIS Monday. Sen. Draheim has received VERY FEW CALLS so far while so much attention is focused on the national level. We're hopeful that his getting a large number of calls from his constituents on this issue could very well sway his vote.
The issue is called "pre-emption" and it would strip cities and counties from being allowed to create local policies on issues like setting minimum wage, sick days, and even workplace safety standards.
Pre-emption bills have been introduced (via ALEC) and passed in 30 states to undo standards that local communities and cities have enacted on issues such as workers rights, gun control and environmental regulations.
If this first pre-emption bill on labor standards is allowed to pass in Minnesota, other similar measures are sure to follow. This is a direct response to the growing popular support in Minnesota for a fair minimum wage and guaranteed paid sick time and family leave.
Please call Rich Draheim at 651-296-5558 and tell him to vote no on SF580. Sample call script from ISAIAH is attached.
Also please share widely!