STOP Pre-emption in Minnesota!

From Our Friends at ISAIAH:
Pre-emption: Unfortunately, the pre-emption bill that will take away local democratic control and reverse paid sick days ordinances for 150,000 people in Minneapolis and Saint Paul has passed all the committees in the Senate and House and will come to a floor vote VERY soon in each. There are three things you can do that will be strategic and powerful:

  • Call Sen. Draheim (651-296-5558) EVERYDAY until a floor vote starting today. Tell him you are very disappointed in his support of pre-emption and hope he will change his mind. Ask him who he represents— big business lobbyists in the cities or his own constituents. The city and counties are against this and it threatens the very principles of local democracy. He needs to keep hearing from us again and again.
  • Call Gov Dayton (651-201-3400) and ask him to veto any pre-emption bill. Put the interests of local democracy and hard working people over those or corporate lobbyists. Make sure he knows you are from “Greater MN”, that matters!
  • SHOW UP at the floor vote. Unfortunately, we do not know when this will be and will likely only have 24-48 hours notice, but we need HUNDREDS of people there to show the governor he has the support to veto this legislation. Stay tuned for a call to action and try to show up with signs.