Make Representative Lewis TALK TO US

From our friends at ISAIAH:

As many of you know, congress is on recess next week, but our congressman does not have any opportunities to meet in person to share our concerns about health care or immigration. This is very disappointing. Here’s what you can do:

  • Our friends at Cannon Valley Indivisible are holding a town hall and hoping congressman Lewis attends. Even if he doesn’t, this will be a good event to put some pressure on him to make public appearances.
  • SHOW UP at his office. We had planned on doing a sit in, but now believe it will be more powerful to have groups of people show up at his office every day next week to express our concerns about health care and ask to meet him in person. Please consider making the trip and bringing friends to his office in Burnsville on one of these days to share your concerns. We are working on coordinating a larger crowd to go to his office on Friday of next week if we have still not been able to get an in person meeting. You can use the attached documents to help guide you, and here are some talking points:
    • Office location: 2805 Cliff Road, Set 200, Burnsville, MN 55337
    • We are very concerned about “block grants” for Medicaid. We are not fooled and know that block grants will mean massive cuts to health care for the most vulnerable in our state and will set our state leaders up for very difficult decisions about how to use resources to cover people. Some estimates are showing that block granting medicaid could mean 1 trillion dollars in cuts over 10 years. This unacceptable for low income people, seniors, and people with disabilities in our state. How does the congressman feel?
    • A report (attached) shows that a repeal of the ACA or cuts to medicaid would be devastating to our economy and to rural hospitals. Has the congressman seen this numbers? Will you make sure he get them?
    • When will the congressman be available? Can we schedule a meeting today or tomorrow? When will there be a public town hall meeting?
    • Make sure to take photos and post them:
  • Make a call to Congressman Lewis: 202-225-2271