From Cannon Valley Indivisible:

This is today's urgent action, from Indivisible organizers.
Four calls--
Amy Klobuchar, DC: (202) 224-3244
Amy Klobuchar, Minneapolisl: (612) 727-5220
Al Franken, DC: (202) 224-5641
Al Franken, St Paul: (651) 221-1016
We're going to post these numbers on the refrigerator, along with Lewis'.
Thank you all.

Your Senator Opposes the Muslim Ban—So Tell Them How to Stop It.

There's no reason that the Senate should be conducting business as usual while our basic values are under attack. Senators have powerful tools to delay and stop legislation, and they should be using them. If your Senator has taken a stance against the Muslim and refugee bans, that's greatbut they can do more. Here's the script to let your Senator know that you want them to do everything in their power to stop this odious ban.


You: Good morning/afternoon. I’m calling about President Trump’s Executive Order to halt refugee admissions and ban citizens from several Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

Staffer: Thank you for calling! Senator Bob opposes this Executive Order.

You: Good. I’m calling to say that if Senator Bob truly believes, as I do, that this is a national crisis and a threat to fundamental American values, then he needs to take action to stop it. That means committing to withhold consent on Senate business, including scheduling votes on nominees, until the ban has been lifted, and committing to filibuster any bill that comes to the floor UNLESS it’s a bill dedicated to ending this ban. Will he commit to do this?

Staffer: The Senator hasn’t taken a position on procedural issues. But he has made a strong statement objecting to the Executive Order.

You: That’s great, but it’s not enough to oppose it. Senator Bob needs to use every tool in his power to stop it. Will he commit to withhold consent on Senate business and use the filibuster to stop other legislation if necessary?

Staffer: The Senator is considering different options.

You: There’s no reason that the Senate should be conducting business as usual when Trump is blatantly violating the constitution and families are being ripped apart. I expect Senator Bob to act to uphold our values by taking every step he can to stop this Executive Order.

NOTE: Some staffers may ask you to explain what “withholding consent” means. Tell them this: For Senate business to proceed normally, Senate leadership relies on universal agreement by Senators to move forward on procedural matters. This is called universal consent. If any individual Senator withholds consent, it triggers a delay as the leadership has to initiate a time-consuming process in order to move forward. This means that business in the Senate slows down significantly and it will greatly hamper Trump’s ability to move forward on any other legislative priorities.