Minnesota Healthcare Call to Action

From Northfield Indivisible:

Healthcare Conference Committee meeting

(Call to Action is at the bottom of this post.)

Our calls made a significant impact. Legislative assistants were flooded with contacts from concerned citizens. As a result there
was significant progress today. The Drazkowski amendment was no longer included and the conference committee moved significantly closer towards Governor Dayton's plan.

Here is a summary of the changes in 1/24/17 afternoon's meeting:

Major developments and items in bill:
· Gov’s premium assistance plan adopted
· Reinsurance removed
· Patient not financially responsible for unauthorized treatment (defined broadly to include treatment when authorized provider is unavailable). HMO and provider must negotiate and then enter arbitration if no agreement is made.
· Provider appeal of network adequacy waiver included
· Commissioner of Commerce report rate change data within 10 days of receiving it
· For profit HMOs allowed
· Ag. Coop Insurance Included

The for profit HMOs allowed is probably the biggest thing to be concerned about. Gov has said he won't sign it with the provision.

Governor said he'd accept the following provisions that are included in the House and Senate versions of the bill:

• Premium subsidy audit: provision that requires that the Office of the Legislative Auditor conduct an audit of the subsidy.

• Transition of care coverage for 2017: provision that would allow some Minnesotans whose health insurance was terminated to continue to access their current health care providers for 120 days into 2017. This provision appropriates $15 million one-time for the health plans to implement the change.

• Agricultural Cooperative Health Plan: provision that is now included in both the House and Senate bills to allow these cooperatives to offer insurance coverage to their members, as allowed under federal law.

E-mail committee members and tell them to take out for-profit HMO's. Passing that would essentially be a way to expand opportunities for people to profit from other people being sick.

House conferees:

Senate conferees:
Sen. Scott Jensen *
Sen. Melisa Franzen *
*You have to use their online contact form at