Information from Health Care Day of Action (Jan 15, 2017)

Information from the Health Care Day of Action last Sunday:

We had about 30 people including the organizers.  David Bly was there and spoke a little bit about the situation at the state level.  We ended with agreement that we each will call Representative Lewis weekly and we have a script to get us started.  In addition about half the group said they would be willing to join a group going to Rep Lewis Burnsville office next week, when it is open.

Information from Northfield Hospital & Clinics is attached. 

Call Sheet:

Call Congressman Jason Lewis:

202-225-2271 (Washington D.C. Office)


** Be prepared to speak to an aide or leave a message. If the aide says at any point that these questions are above his/her pay grade ask to speak to someone who knows more about the congressman’s positions. If they will not transfer you ask who does know these answers and what is his/her name and phone number**


•       Hi my name is_______ and I live in ______ and am a constituent of the congressman.

•       I am calling because I am shocked and outraged that the congressman’s would support the repeal the Affordable Care Act with no plan for replacement. This is irresponsible and is playing politics with his constituent’s lives. This repeal will destabilize markets and could cause the loss of health care for some 370,000 Minnesotans. And there are 744,000 Minnesotans with some form of pre-existing condition (including… me/my family/ someone I love). It is short sighted and devastating to repeal the health care people depend on with no concrete plans or timeline for how to improve it.

•       Here’s how I/my family member/someone I love will be personally impacted by this repeal…

•       I have some questions about the congressman’s plans around replacement:

o   Does the congressman support maintaining the expansion of Medicaid? Will the congressman stand against block granting and cutting Medicaid for the most vulnerable in Minnesota? When will the congressman have concrete plans for what he would like to see in a replacement?

o   In Minnesota we have a long history of providing the best health care in the country through our public programs like Minnesota Care. It is important that health care is a right for everyone and I believe we need to expand public health care options rather than giving even more power and control to private insurance companies who are responsible for many of the problems in the affordable care act and the exchange.


** Set a time each week to make this phone call. Even if you say the same thing to the same person each time it is worth it. We cannot let them think that the outrage is going away. Put a reminder in your phone/calendar and make this a regular habit.**


Other people to call to talk about health care:


U.S. Senator Al Franken: 507-288-2003

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar: 507- 288- 5321

State Senator Rich Draheim: (651) 296-5558

State Representative David Bly: 651-296-0171