Advice From a Political Scientist

Congressman Jason Lewis has just been sworn in as our representative in the MN-2 (House of Representatives). His brand new webpage is up and you can visit it now. You may wish to sign up for his newsletter, which will keep you informed about the congressman’s actions. You and your students may wish to contact his offices. Constituent service and listening to constituents in the district is a core responsibility of any member of Congress. If you or some of your students are residents in MN-2, then Congressman Lewis’ office is going to be very interested in what you have to say about any of the major issues before the 115th Congress. (Non-residents of MN-2 are not likely to have their opinions taken with the same weight).

If you want to know more about MN-2, check out this map of the district and check out the district Wikipedia page, which is accurate. (See this map for all congressional districts in MN). As you know, Rep. Lewis beat Angie Craig (DFL) by 6,655 votes (46.95% v. 45.16%). For a county-level breakdown, see this page. (Only the northern portion of Rice county is in MN-2 – that is, mostly Northfield and not Faribault).

Some of your advisees or yourselves may be wondering about writing to editors of newspapers in MN-2. Besides the Northfield News, the largest newspaper in MN-2 is SunThisWeek (you may also Google Burnsville ThisWeek or Eagan ThisWeek).